Road Tax renewal 2012

Circulation LicenceRoad Tax for 2012 can be renewed online from today.


You will require the following details:
Registration Document (Log Book).
Credit card.
The last three digits of your ID, Alien Card or Passport number. This is the one shown on the logbook.
Insurance certificate may be required if cover commenced recently and has not yet been entered onto the database.

You must have a valid Test Certificate (Bi-annual Roadworthiness Test) if your vehicle requires one.

Details on other ways to renew can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Road Tax renewal 2012

  1. I do not have the last three digits of theID, Alien Card or Passport number (car purchased long ago), but I have the plate no., and I am not in Cyprus to check car documents. Can I still pay online the road tax?

  2. I was wondering if we r in europe not to be able to have what is available,e.g uk. I always owned american cars abroad in europe,6.6 liter cars etc and paid the same road tax as everybody else? Why dont we have the same road tax as uk? Or just put road tax cost on petrol prices,the turks dont have mot??? or road tax,which means we pay for them…… We need new laws!!……

  3. I believe you are referring to a a taxcode used in the TRNC. The information I supply refers to the Republic of Cyprus. Sorry I can’t help.

  4. How much is the road tax per year for a passenger car listed undeer Code 905?

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